Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hey Guys!

My name is Jenn, but my even cooler blog name is Street Chic Wannabe. I am attempting to get this blog thing going. Last month I started an Instagram. (Follow me @streetchicwannabe - Thanks in advance :) I pretty much post super cool fashion finds. I am realizing I really like boho grunge. I realized this when I was constantly posting pictures like Kate Moss smoking a cigarette or every thing Free People and Sticks and Stones Agency (totally follow these guys on insta (@sticksandstonesagency). Since I now believe that boho/grunge may be my personal style- I think I am kinda cooler than I previously was in life.

Where the name comes from: Street Chic Wannabe- I LOVE street style, being Chic is perfect, and I Wannabe street chic always, but am definitely not...

About me: My name is Jenn. Here is a picture of me from Photo Booth.
That's me!

I currently live on Martha's Vineyard with my extremely good looking boyfriend Sam.
Seriously though... It's ok, you can keep looking. I do too....

And our perfectly perfect dog Rosie (aka: Rosa-lee, Pose, Rose Pose, ROSE!, Rosieeeeeeeee)
I want to eat her face. She's so cute, it's a problem.

So yeah, that's my little family. 

We live in a guest house on Martha's Vineyard. Rent is too expensive for our 528 sq. ft place, but its really cute and we live a half mile from the beach. It truly is a gorgeous place here... EXCEPT for the winters.. holy SHIT was I bored! I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. Thank god it's like 65 today and its mid-April... I'll take it. Winter can stay away for a long long time. Although, I think the winter is what got me off my ass to start pursuing this whole love for fashion and style and writing thing. Boredom. 

I work a normal, full-time job at a residential design firm as the office biatch and I really like it. The people I work with and for are amazing and appreciative and they give us HALF DAY FRIDAYSSSSS- yes- it's true, and its amazing. I discovered naps again on Friday afternoons... and I don't feel guilty about it. So yeah- the work life. It's not that bad. I don't mind it at all, but finding trends and street style and thrifting, and consigning, wearing gaudy jewlery and way-too thick scarves, and rocking a pair of Camper's suede booties accompanied by high waisted cut- off shorts this summer.... that my friends is my truest passion... wish me luck.

So here I go.... stepping into the blogosphere. Pretty exciting guys.... thanks for reading!!

Oh and I have one tattoo- my sister has one too and her's says "I love you" ("I love you to infinity) No guys- not, "To infinity and beyond" c'mon...) 


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