Thursday, April 17, 2014

"I Wore This Today" Blogging Starts Today

Hi there!

Iv'e been a research workin' maniac! Today I start my "What I'm Wearing Today" blogs. Since I started blogging I have naturally started thinking about what I want to wear everyday. My morning routine consists of waking up around 7:40am... actually, I set my alarm for 7:06 am and I let it go off every 5 minutes until about can only imagine how much this annoys my boyfriend Sam... He just doesn't get it, those extra 35ish minutes are crucial to my half-awake shut-eye. ANYWHO... I wake up around 7:40, I pet Rosie for about 10 mins and comment on how adorable she is as she wakes up too, I look out my window to see what type of weather it is, sleepily walk downstairs, brew a few cups of coffee, rinse up, and start my look of the day...

My daily beauty routine is simple. I start by applying Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator- (LOVE it...look into it if you have acne scar issues), throw on a little bit of concealer to even out the color of my face (or to cover up those unbelievably, unwanted STUPID STUPID pimples), use a nude/shimmery beige; Bare Mineral eye shadow, and a touch of mascara. This simple routine opens my eyes, is quick, and does wonders by making it look like I'm not still kind-of sleeping.

As I am putting on my make up, I look at the reflection of my wardrobe on my clothing rack behind me. I peruse the possibilities. I wait for something to catch my eye. Something that amuses me. I see the same things on the rack every single day, but somehow I come across one peice of clothing; whether it be a cardigan, a tank, a dress, skirt, scarf... one piece stands out amongst ALL of the other garments and POOF! I come up up with that day's outfit in an instant. It's like magic. Today I was doing my usual- looking and looking, only through the mirror at what I could see from a far... and there it was. A sweatshirt hoodie dress I picked up at a near by consignment shop called Martha's Closet. It still had the $6.00 tag on it. It all came together- "with the dress, I could wear a pair of dark knit tights, my brown side zip leather boots, and my knit beige cardi... PERFECT! I threw my hair up in a tight messy bun, grabbed a pair of pastel green and pink earings, a yellow and brown ombre infinity scarf and voila! Below is the masterpiece.

(Try not to laugh really hard at my picture taking... I need a camera, but I also NEED to post pics for you guys! In time... bare with me.)

Dress: Love on a Hanger (picked it up from Martha's Closet- Consignment shop on Martha's Vineyard.
Cardigan: The Loft
Tights: Christmas present from My Ma
Boots: Hautelook


I truly forget where I got this from and I don't know who it's by. I just know I picked it up at an outlet store in Clinton, CT.

So there you go... I promise these pictures will get better. I will try my hardest!!! Either way- I had fun getting this post together. I was inspired to write this post because I was happy and felt good about what I wore today... so I guess that's cool. 

Thank you for reading.... whoever you are. Any helpful tips, comments, funny jokes, blog suggestions are welcome and FULLY accepted!!!

OH... and PS. It's Friday tomorrow... yay. Happy Thursday. TGIF!------ tomorrow. 


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