Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Idea.

Hi all,

I'm excited. I figured out how to connect Street Chic Wannabe to Bloglovin'!! I became a bit irrittated, but I figured it out. Maybe someone will take a look at my blog soon! I don't have a lot going on thus far, but I will take responsibility for getting completely distracted. My passion truly is for street fashion.... I have like an obsession for it.

Recently I started to come up with this project idea for the summer. As you know I live on Martha's Vineyard. The difference between the Summer folk and the Year-Round people is HUGE. The style of this island changes for a few months. You have some summer people who come from all over the world who dress like "The Vineyard" and you have the year-rounders that dress however the hell they want to dress... This post will discuss my fellow female gal-pals.

Year-Rounders aka Islander's aka Wash-A-Shores:
In the cold months there are lots of layers and not just layers because it's cold, I mean obviously it's cold, but TONS of layers with different patterns and fabrics- hair in a messy top knot, with chesnut colored bulky, semi-runined/ weathered boots, and things simply don't match, but look cool.... There are a lot of over-sized sweaters and big, fluffy infinity scarves. This style can be seen on women all ages- 5 years old to 80 year old. Girls do seem to keep there nails painted in dark colors and wear just a little makeup. The feel is very bohemian. Summer time calls for sundresses, over-sized sunglasses, flats, gaudy jewlery, cut-off denim shorts, crop tops, and beach hair. Being that there are people who visit the Island from all over the world- fashion and style is not specific to the location on the map- it vere's in different directions and the fashion world is our oyster! Pretty cool when I think about it....

Dressing like "The Vineyard":
 Mom's will literally match there outfit to there children's. I am not kidding. I worked in Edgartown at a retail shop last summer and I witnessed a mom with her daughter. The woman was wearing a white polo with a navy sweater that had sailboats on it, wrapped around her neck and white ankle skinny's. Her (maybe) 4 year old daughter had the exact same outfit on. Don't get me wrong- they look VERY cute, but it was sooooo stereotypically "The Vineyard." I didn't see this just once, I saw this look multiple times. The Vineyard is very nautical... which is cool. I will admit- I purchased an orange iPhone cover that had an anchor on the back of it. I did it because it totally worked with living on Martha's Vineyard. My caption on Instagram was even "I SO live on the Vineyard."

Here is a picture of it.

 I do believe people who visit here know how to dress extremely well... is it my taste? Nah... but that's ok. To each there own- ALWAYS. I personally like the feel you get from people who dress however they want, with out being matchy matchy. I enjoy seeing a million colors come together with different patterns, etc. I also like wearing all black. If I went to an upscale party in Martha's Vineyard and I knew every one was dressed very strategically, I would have fun getting an outfit together to play the part... it's like playing dress up... who doesn't like to play dress up?!

All I am saying is that the people around here- the people that visit, the people that live here, the people that work here... everyone is so different, but in a way because everyone dresses however they want- in the end we are all kind of similar... Now I might be mind-efing you all, but I am writing down my thoughts, so try and bare with me.

Getting back to my idea on this whole Summer Projectoooo.....

The other day I was at the post office and I started taking pictures of people (without them knowing...I know, I know... ugh). I was taking photos secretly with my iPhone of peoples shoe wear. All being mostly boots- I saw a lot of similar boots, but paired with TOTALLY different outfits. It got me thinking....

I want to put together some sort of street-fashion project based on.... go ahead take a guess- THE VINEYARD. I will take photos and do interviews of where people are from and what they like to do for fun.... blah blah blah... and it will come together and be really interesting and artsy and super cool.

So yeah- that's my idea. What do you think? Tips?


Thursday, April 17, 2014

"I Wore This Today" Blogging Starts Today

Hi there!

Iv'e been a research workin' maniac! Today I start my "What I'm Wearing Today" blogs. Since I started blogging I have naturally started thinking about what I want to wear everyday. My morning routine consists of waking up around 7:40am... actually, I set my alarm for 7:06 am and I let it go off every 5 minutes until about can only imagine how much this annoys my boyfriend Sam... He just doesn't get it, those extra 35ish minutes are crucial to my half-awake shut-eye. ANYWHO... I wake up around 7:40, I pet Rosie for about 10 mins and comment on how adorable she is as she wakes up too, I look out my window to see what type of weather it is, sleepily walk downstairs, brew a few cups of coffee, rinse up, and start my look of the day...

My daily beauty routine is simple. I start by applying Estee Lauder Idealist Even Skintone Illuminator- (LOVE it...look into it if you have acne scar issues), throw on a little bit of concealer to even out the color of my face (or to cover up those unbelievably, unwanted STUPID STUPID pimples), use a nude/shimmery beige; Bare Mineral eye shadow, and a touch of mascara. This simple routine opens my eyes, is quick, and does wonders by making it look like I'm not still kind-of sleeping.

As I am putting on my make up, I look at the reflection of my wardrobe on my clothing rack behind me. I peruse the possibilities. I wait for something to catch my eye. Something that amuses me. I see the same things on the rack every single day, but somehow I come across one peice of clothing; whether it be a cardigan, a tank, a dress, skirt, scarf... one piece stands out amongst ALL of the other garments and POOF! I come up up with that day's outfit in an instant. It's like magic. Today I was doing my usual- looking and looking, only through the mirror at what I could see from a far... and there it was. A sweatshirt hoodie dress I picked up at a near by consignment shop called Martha's Closet. It still had the $6.00 tag on it. It all came together- "with the dress, I could wear a pair of dark knit tights, my brown side zip leather boots, and my knit beige cardi... PERFECT! I threw my hair up in a tight messy bun, grabbed a pair of pastel green and pink earings, a yellow and brown ombre infinity scarf and voila! Below is the masterpiece.

(Try not to laugh really hard at my picture taking... I need a camera, but I also NEED to post pics for you guys! In time... bare with me.)

Dress: Love on a Hanger (picked it up from Martha's Closet- Consignment shop on Martha's Vineyard.
Cardigan: The Loft
Tights: Christmas present from My Ma
Boots: Hautelook


I truly forget where I got this from and I don't know who it's by. I just know I picked it up at an outlet store in Clinton, CT.

So there you go... I promise these pictures will get better. I will try my hardest!!! Either way- I had fun getting this post together. I was inspired to write this post because I was happy and felt good about what I wore today... so I guess that's cool. 

Thank you for reading.... whoever you are. Any helpful tips, comments, funny jokes, blog suggestions are welcome and FULLY accepted!!!

OH... and PS. It's Friday tomorrow... yay. Happy Thursday. TGIF!------ tomorrow. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

I Lost my Creative Blog Idea List... OOPS

Hey Guys!

So here it goes, my second post. I got home from work, was pumped and determined to pull out my comp, grab my list of ideas that I compiled today while "working," and I don't know where the hell I put it... SO- that said, I simply did more research. I typed into google "the greatest fashion Blog Spot bloggers." Here are some of the ones that kept coming up:   (Obviously a fav)   (one of the first blogs I ever read like ever)

There were so many other awesome ones too. What I did, was go back in time to some of the first blogs that they ever wrote... It really helped. EVERYONE at one point and time is a newbie at this whole blogging thing and that simply makes me feel better.

Something that I keep going back to is Leandra Medine's (The Man Repeller) first blog she started with her friend "Boogers and Bagels" -

OMG- it is absoultely hilarious. They just wrote shit down and the things they wrote were so funny. I can see it, two college girls almost off to Paris; best friends, reside in NYC and just living the silly college years together and making shit happen. Leandra is my age (25) and she is definetly an inspiration to me. She's funny, KNOWS fashion, owns her style, and has a blog (and now a book) called "The Man Repeller."  She's awesome.

SO because I made a promise to myself that I would post everyday (goal is one month)... I am going to go ahead and post this random Monday blog, but what are Mondays for anyways?? I mean really... they are just a part of our week, but we would totally be ok with skipping them, but then we would hate Tuesdays... I don't know man. It's kind of mind boggling. I'm rambling- so below was a hit on my Instagram today thanks to photo cred: Gypsy Junkies. GO VISIT THERE SITE NOW AND TOTALLY FOLLOW THEM ON INSTA. THEY ARE SO AWESOME!
#gypsyjunkies #boho #onesie #platforms #sweetshades #tatonhand #floral #streetchicwannabealways

And this my friends, is me holding a random WHITE Retriever puppy. Your welcome.

I need to invest in a camera... HELP! Suggestions are more than welcome. Otherwise you will see a ton of really bad selfies... or random pics like these... that have no importance at all. (Except the fact that it is a white retriever puppy...but that's besides the point).

Alright guys, that's it. Thanks for reading this really pointless post... either way I appreciate it.


Sunday, April 13, 2014


Hey Guys!

My name is Jenn, but my even cooler blog name is Street Chic Wannabe. I am attempting to get this blog thing going. Last month I started an Instagram. (Follow me @streetchicwannabe - Thanks in advance :) I pretty much post super cool fashion finds. I am realizing I really like boho grunge. I realized this when I was constantly posting pictures like Kate Moss smoking a cigarette or every thing Free People and Sticks and Stones Agency (totally follow these guys on insta (@sticksandstonesagency). Since I now believe that boho/grunge may be my personal style- I think I am kinda cooler than I previously was in life.

Where the name comes from: Street Chic Wannabe- I LOVE street style, being Chic is perfect, and I Wannabe street chic always, but am definitely not...

About me: My name is Jenn. Here is a picture of me from Photo Booth.
That's me!

I currently live on Martha's Vineyard with my extremely good looking boyfriend Sam.
Seriously though... It's ok, you can keep looking. I do too....

And our perfectly perfect dog Rosie (aka: Rosa-lee, Pose, Rose Pose, ROSE!, Rosieeeeeeeee)
I want to eat her face. She's so cute, it's a problem.

So yeah, that's my little family. 

We live in a guest house on Martha's Vineyard. Rent is too expensive for our 528 sq. ft place, but its really cute and we live a half mile from the beach. It truly is a gorgeous place here... EXCEPT for the winters.. holy SHIT was I bored! I seriously didn't know what to do with myself. Thank god it's like 65 today and its mid-April... I'll take it. Winter can stay away for a long long time. Although, I think the winter is what got me off my ass to start pursuing this whole love for fashion and style and writing thing. Boredom. 

I work a normal, full-time job at a residential design firm as the office biatch and I really like it. The people I work with and for are amazing and appreciative and they give us HALF DAY FRIDAYSSSSS- yes- it's true, and its amazing. I discovered naps again on Friday afternoons... and I don't feel guilty about it. So yeah- the work life. It's not that bad. I don't mind it at all, but finding trends and street style and thrifting, and consigning, wearing gaudy jewlery and way-too thick scarves, and rocking a pair of Camper's suede booties accompanied by high waisted cut- off shorts this summer.... that my friends is my truest passion... wish me luck.

So here I go.... stepping into the blogosphere. Pretty exciting guys.... thanks for reading!!

Oh and I have one tattoo- my sister has one too and her's says "I love you" ("I love you to infinity) No guys- not, "To infinity and beyond" c'mon...)