Monday, April 14, 2014

I Lost my Creative Blog Idea List... OOPS

Hey Guys!

So here it goes, my second post. I got home from work, was pumped and determined to pull out my comp, grab my list of ideas that I compiled today while "working," and I don't know where the hell I put it... SO- that said, I simply did more research. I typed into google "the greatest fashion Blog Spot bloggers." Here are some of the ones that kept coming up:   (Obviously a fav)   (one of the first blogs I ever read like ever)

There were so many other awesome ones too. What I did, was go back in time to some of the first blogs that they ever wrote... It really helped. EVERYONE at one point and time is a newbie at this whole blogging thing and that simply makes me feel better.

Something that I keep going back to is Leandra Medine's (The Man Repeller) first blog she started with her friend "Boogers and Bagels" -

OMG- it is absoultely hilarious. They just wrote shit down and the things they wrote were so funny. I can see it, two college girls almost off to Paris; best friends, reside in NYC and just living the silly college years together and making shit happen. Leandra is my age (25) and she is definetly an inspiration to me. She's funny, KNOWS fashion, owns her style, and has a blog (and now a book) called "The Man Repeller."  She's awesome.

SO because I made a promise to myself that I would post everyday (goal is one month)... I am going to go ahead and post this random Monday blog, but what are Mondays for anyways?? I mean really... they are just a part of our week, but we would totally be ok with skipping them, but then we would hate Tuesdays... I don't know man. It's kind of mind boggling. I'm rambling- so below was a hit on my Instagram today thanks to photo cred: Gypsy Junkies. GO VISIT THERE SITE NOW AND TOTALLY FOLLOW THEM ON INSTA. THEY ARE SO AWESOME!
#gypsyjunkies #boho #onesie #platforms #sweetshades #tatonhand #floral #streetchicwannabealways

And this my friends, is me holding a random WHITE Retriever puppy. Your welcome.

I need to invest in a camera... HELP! Suggestions are more than welcome. Otherwise you will see a ton of really bad selfies... or random pics like these... that have no importance at all. (Except the fact that it is a white retriever puppy...but that's besides the point).

Alright guys, that's it. Thanks for reading this really pointless post... either way I appreciate it.


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